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What is SLO?

SLO / sləʊ / adj. 1. Taking time to nurture, grow. 2. Purveyor of the finest quality. 3. Opposite to fast (as in food). 4. Inspiring creativity. 5. In partnership with nature.

"A massive hit of fresh green almonds, hints of marzipan, very smooth, naturally sweet and clean pure flavours"

Comments from Great Taste judge, 2016; Almond

Using only whole, organic, seasonal nuts

Nutm!lks but not as you know them

Customer reviews

That pistachio nut m!lk was incredible! It was seriously better than any other nut m!lk I’ve had – super creamy and tasty. Thanks again.

Customer A, London

Oh wow. The cashew is divine. Breakfast was incredible.

Customer C, Ealing

Pistachio was the standout flavour for all of us. Pistachio was something we would all happily add to our weekly shops. I thought the depth of flavour that the pecan and the almond nut m!lks added to breakfast smoothies was really good.

Customer A, West London

The cashew nut m!lk was delicious – so different to the bought cashew nut m!lks. I had it in my coffee this morning and it didn’t curdle. My husband loved it and said he’d drink it on its own. He feels oat m!lk is slimy and your nut m!lk is way better.

Customer F, London

We really like your nut m!lks...I think they are beautiful, something for the purists.

Customer N, Chiswick

The pistachio tastes the best of the lot! I drank it cold on its own. The almond tastes delicious, more full-bodied and nuttier when slightly shaken.

Customer A, London

Your Pistachio and Cashew nut m!lk was delicious...Well done you and I will continue to recommend you......fantastic!

Customer M, South Kensington

Both my mum and dad loved the cashew nut m!lk. My mum really liked both the pistachio and the pecan, liking that she could taste the nuts. As for me, I have had the almond nut m!lk in my porridge, my verdict was that it worked very well. I also had a hot chocolate with the cashew and I loved it. It’s a winner.

Customer S, West London

So lovely to meet you!! I'll definitely be seeing you again :) they're all delicious! I've tried them all haha! Thanks so much for making these!

Customer L, Chiswick