Great Taste Judging comments

ALMOND - 1 star 2016 

A massive hit of fresh green almonds, hints of marzipan, very smooth, naturally sweet and clean pure flavours.
There's an interesting pink shade to this almond m!lk. The flavour is fresh and markedly almondy.

CASHEW - 1 star 2017

Bright, white, pure, attractive looking product. Perfect for a non-dairy mi!k as there is no overpowering flavour.
It has fine nut flavour. Not at all watery which is commendable. Lasting, fresh flavour.

PISTACHIO-CASHEW - 1 star 2018

A beautiful delicate pale green - enticing and tasting so clearly of pistachio. There is a touch of almost roasted nut here - both nuts are well balanced. Clearly the flavour carries both nuts well and we feel this is creamy and rich. Naturally sweet m!lk, smooth - very satisfying and with a clean nutty finish.

PECAN-CASHEW - 1 star 2018

We found a sound nut flavour here, with pecan skins prominent, but a background note of cashews. We enjoyed the pleasant natural sweetness; we can imagine that in the uses described it's actually at a perfect level of liquidity and concentration. We feel this is a good, pure product with positive, rounded flavour and are happy to give an award.

ALMOND-CASHEW - 1 star 2018

This m!lk has a real cashew flavour, tastes beautifully fresh and meets the demand for the dairy free m!lk market.
The flavour of this m!lk is bright and fresh, we enjoyed the green almond notes backed up by the creaminess of the cashews. We can see this working very well in a dessert - the chef amongst us said he would love to use this in a pannacotta. Fresh, nutty, creamy and with a beautiful finish - not at all cloying or powdery.