About us

SLO / sləʊ / adj. 1. Taking time to nurture, grow. 2. Purveyor of the finest quality. 3. Opposite to fast (as in food). 4. Inspiring creativity. 5. In partnership with nature.


SLO GOOD LIVING are a Great Taste Award-winning husband and wife duo who are passionate about taste, healthy living, and are the first to create and deliver completely fresh innovative organic nut m!lks in West London.

Our fresh nut m!lks are far superior to store-bought alternatives - here's why:

  • We make all our nut m!lks completely fresh for delivery for each customer
  • Our entire range of nut m!lks have received Great Taste Awards
  • They are all certified organic
  • You won't find our exciting flavours in supermarkets
  • We pack in nearly 5 times more whole nuts in each of our recyclable glass bottles than the most popular supermarket brands

However, don't take our word for it - check out what the Great Taste judges have said about our fresh organic nut m!lks here!

Quite simply, our nut m!lks are made from organic whole nuts, mineral water and NOTHING ELSE. This means no added sugar, salt, stabilisers, thickeners or preservatives that change the taste, appearance or extend the shelf life artificially. Instead we create our nut m!lks in the most wholesome, natural way possible – that means no heat, chemical or pressure treatments either.

At SLO, we take great care to source the highest quality organic ingredients, ensuring we use the freshest nuts and always those that are in season. We are fully committed to developing and perfecting our nut m!lk recipes on the principle that the most delicious foods can also be the healthiest.